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Oversized and project cargo

Oversized and project cargo

In the industry of oversized cargo transportation there are rules, requirements and standards. The company "Chinese Brothers" renders services in transportation of oversized cargo by road and rail, as well as in sea containers.

Oversized goods include equipment, pipes, building plates, various types of transport - all that has a non-standard shape and size. If the cargo being transported has at least one of the parameters that does not correspond to fixed values, then it is classified as oversized. But for different types of transportation different sizes are considered oversized.

For example, when transported by road, if the height exceeds 4 meters, the width is more than 2.55 meters, the length exceeds 20 meters and weighs heavier than 38 tons, then it no longer corresponds to the size of the dimensional cargo.

Automobile transportation of oversized cargo is regulated by specially prescribed rules:

  • Mandatory identification of such cargo by approved signs;
  • In the case of reduced visibility - the designation of retroreflectors / lanterns of a certain color;
  • The dimensions of the cargo should not interfere with the drivers review, control of the whole situation on the road both in front of the vehicle and behind;
  • "The load should not disturb the stability of the car, interfere with safe handling;
  • Not create environmental problems;
  • Features of transportation of oversized cargo are characterized by speed limits;
  • The driver can not change the route, which is agreed to be performed by the responsible authorities.

Oversized cargo, which is to be transported by sea, is usually transported in sea containers of the flat rack type. Of course, this is the most convenient way of transporting goods, whose dimensions exceed the size of standard sea containers. When loading and securing this cargo it is very important to observe the standards defined by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). In the case of non-compliance with IMO standards, the cargo can be stopped at any of the ports of congestion and reinstalled.

For transportation of oversize by means of the railway special railway platforms are chosen. It is necessary to coordinate railway routes, so that the throughput of tunnels and paths can guarantee the safe delivery of equipment or goods.

When securing cargo on a railway platform, it should not:

  • To prevent the movement of other rail transport;
  • Close the correct view for the driver;
  • Create sound or mechanical disturbances during movement and braking;
  • Violate the stability of rolling stock.

The platform must, according to load capacity and characteristics, correspond to the load oversized. From the correct installation of fasteners depends not only the safety of the cargo itself, but the entire movement of the railway transport.

The company "Chinese Brothers" offers a full range of services, including:

  • Use of specialized means of transportation;
  • Development of a logistics chain taking into account all the individual features of the cargo;
  • Development of multimodal transportation of oversized cargo;
  • Registration of necessary permits;
  • The organization of transportation of cargoes and their escorts, surveyer inspection and insurance of oversized cargo.

The company "Chinese Brothers" guarantees:

  • Optimal, in terms of time and cost, logistics chains;
  • The safest routes of cargo delivery, correct fastening of cargo in containers;
  • Support of our partners, recognized international insurance and survey companies.


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